Hope After Harvey_Lloyd

Houston, Texas

Reach Youth Global may have projects around the world, but it will never neglect or forget the opportunities to share God's love and His hope right here at home. Hurricane Harvey struck a mighty blow to East Texas. The estimates of the damages are staggering. Look a little closer at those overwhelming statistics and you will finally see tens of thousands of individual stories like Lloyd's. 

Lloyd's home was flooded in 2016, during the "Tax Day" flood, and again this year with Harvey. He is wearied. He is in his 80's. While many of his neighbors' homes had a steady flow of helping hands, soon after the waters receded, Lloyd's did not. He moved what he could and remained in the house through all the water and the receding of the water. 

Reach Youth Global had crews out helping in the area and discovered that Lloyd had no help. We were able to coordinate another team to head over to his house the very next day to bring hope and help. In 3 1/2 hours, we were able to have his house cleaned out, cleaned up and his bed made for him to be able to sleep in it that night. We got him food and even took some time to sit with him as he watched some Sunday afternoon football. 

He was able to relax. For a few hours, he did not have to worry about anything. Someone was there to help him. Before the team gathered up the last of the tools and took the last garbage bag to the curbside, one of RYG's pastors/leaders was able to sit with Lloyd and share some life-changing truths from God's precious Word, the Bible. After a time of looking at some Scriptures and an open and honest conversation, Lloyd made a decision to not only believe in God but to also receive His Son, Jesus Christ into his life as his Lord and Savior. That is where our hope truly lies - in the person of Jesus Christ and His completed work on the cross. Christ's life in exchange for our sins. A new life and a hope of Heaven.

Hope After Harvey is more than tearing out wet drywall, and delivering materials and assistance necessary for recovery; it is about sharing the hope that can only be found when you find Christ and the love of God.

Thank you for being a part of the effort to offer hope after Harvey through your prayers, your time, your labor, and your donations. May God richly bless each of you as you care for others in the wake of this terrible storm and destruction.