OSY Mexico

Tlalmanalco, Mexico

OSY is a program that uses evangelistic camps to share the Gospel with tens of thousands of Out of School Youth between the ages of 15 and 25 living on the streets of Mexico City, Mexico each year. 


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These youth and young adults come from various backgrounds, and find themselves living on the streets for a variety of reasons.

  • Gang Members
  • Teenage Prostitutes
  • Alcoholics
  • Drug addicts
  • Abused
  • Abandoned
  • Forgotten
  • Destitute and broken

Our camps gently guide the OSY from life on the streets to life with the Savior, Jesus Christ. From the first encounter on the street, OSY are met with acceptance and provided with a 100% scholarship for camp, including transportation, meals, and programs – removing all barriers between the OSY and the message of hope. The camp experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Free transportation to a camp experience at our Alfa & Omega camp facilities
  • First touch from volunteer staff as they are welcomed to the facilities
  • Fresh friendships as they are integrated into a new team
  • Team dynamics to form new bonds
  • Extreme Games to challenge their physical lives and begin relating to their spiritual lives
  • Music and dramas with a message in order to connect their emotional lives to the Gospel message
  • Real-life stories shared by their peers, of lives changed and hope restored through God’s love

Relational Discipleship Training

We train local pastors and churches, giving them the tools to properly care for the OSY after their camp experience.

Mobile Camps

When we cannot get the youth to the camp, we have a mobile team that goes to the smaller villages and communities offering a similar camp experience.

Feeding Center in Tepito, Mexico City

In the heart of the largest black market in Mexico over 200 people surviving on the streets are fed and introduced to the love of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ. This helps to serve as a point of contact for youth going to one of the OSY camps and also provides areas of service and ministry for the youth that have decided to follow Christ and make a difference in their community and the life of another person.

International Training Team

As the OSY ministry continues to grow and has shared the Good News with over 60,000 youth since it began in 2008, international invitations are regularly made to come and help and implement the same strategies. Cuba and Columbia are potential sites for future expansion.