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Susan Hobson Mendoza Presented With International Humanitarian Service Award


Houston TX – May 18th2015 - Susan Hobson Mendoza was presented  with the Greater Houston Service Award for International Service at a ceremony on Friday May 15th 2015. The 31st GHSA granted by Volunteer Houston acknowledges organizations, individuals and corporations whose volunteerism seek to promote human welfare with integrity and compassion. Awarded alongside Impact Award Winner Neil Bush, the chairman of both Points of Light, an organization started by George H.W Bush and the Houston Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, Hank Moore the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 100,000 service hours to community causes and Tom Ashworth of the Houston Food Bank, among others, the event served as a wonderful way to say thank you and to acknowledge the impact of volunteerism.


Mrs. Hobson Mendoza was a recipient of the award for her service as an Ambassador for Reach Youth Global (formally Elevare International) where she actively participated in numerous projects which reached communities locally as well as internationally. Some of the work Susan Hobson Mendoza has done in conjunction with Reach Youth Global  locally has been providing breakfast to Houston's Homeless through their commitment to Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen, collecting supplies for children of the border, distributing toys and meals to children of low income families and providing basic needs to people within the city. Internationally she has helped to facilitate fundraisers for Reach Youth Global's own Mashah children's village in Wakisi Uganda where forgotten children are housed, educated and cared for. 


Susan Hobson Mendoza, born in Trinidad, West Indies and a professional writer has also received the 2013 GO! Humanitarian Award for inspiring a community of young professionals to become more service oriented to those most vulnerable to society. “The light in us was meant to be shared in the midst of someone's darkest corner or dying hour. In the shadows of  their hopelessness we must shine, not our own light but the light of Christ which lives in us,”  said Mrs Mendoza. 


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