Youth Spotlight


Abandoned by her father at a young age, Azalia knew nothing but poverty, shame, and hunger. She wore tattered secondhand clothes and was forced to drop out of school, leaving behind her own dreams in order to help her single mother all day.

Azalia would tell you that she has never known happiness.

A Radical Decision

When her mother forced her to attend a local camp night, Azalia begrudgingly obeyed and arrived embarrassed by her lack of friends and poor social skills. The games, songs, and cheering were almost too much for her to handle. She felt uncomfortable and oddly misplaced.

But then, in one life-changing moment, Azalia made a radical decision to do something for herself. After hearing a testimony of God’s unconditional love and acceptance, she stood, raised her hands in the air, and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Today, she is healing from her past, attends church regularly, and has even made new friends.

Reach Youth Global exists for children like Azalia, to meet them in the middle of their hopelessness and offer renewed life.

But we can’t do it without you. Together, we can reach more youth like Azalia. Will you join us today as we seek to bring hope to those who need it most?