In our local churches and communities, we naturally focus our attention on meeting the needs of our children and youth.

But because we at Reach Youth Global believe that the hope for any country is its next generation, we also realize that the children and youth in impoverished areas of the world don’t have that same type of attention focused on their needs.

Many of them never pursue an education and struggle to find food and clean water. Most importantly, they may never hear of the eternal love of God.

We have set out to change that. We believe that the local communities themselves have the answers. There is no cookie cutter solution to the needs of a specific culture or community, and when we empower local organizations to reach the areas they serve, we encourage transformation in communities from the inside out.

Through basic needs being met, children’s lives are truly impacted. As circumstances improve, these children receive eternal hope and in turn, grow up to change the future of their family, their community, and their country.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

Here, we’ll tell the stories of how God is working all over the globe to call people to Himself. We’ll show you transformations of entire villages, the fruit of investment of time and resources. We’ll ask for your help, support, and prayers as we do our work.

And we’ll showcase success stories and our incredible partnerships with groups already working for the glory of God (don’t miss this story from CBN’s The 700 Club, featuring the transformational work our partners, K-Krew, are doing right now in Kenya)

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Sal Sberna

Sal Sberna was Lead Pastor at The MET Church in Houston, Texas for 20 years. He retired on February 2015. He and Kristi Sberna have been married since 1981. They have two children, Salvatore and...more