Moving People to a Better Place in Mexico

I once heard a simple but challenging definition of what it is to be a leader: “Someone that moves people to a better place.” Now think about that for a few moments.

You know what I love about that perspective of leadership? It implies that we all can be leaders. All of us can reach people right where they are and move them into a better place. A random act of kindness, an intercessory prayer, an encouraging word, or a global Gospel outreach can do that! It is something that can be done with just one person, or it can be done with masses of people, but it happens all the time here at Reach Youth Global. 

Reach Youth Global’s efforts in Mexico have offered me many opportunities to see lives moved to a better place. Our program, “Out of School Youth” (or what we refer to as OSY), introduces hundreds of young people to a positive alternative path for their lives through mobile camps, extreme evangelism excursions, street soup kitchens for the homeless, and mentoring and discipleship strategies. As 2015 nears the end, we are on target to help nearly 40,000 OSY in Mexico City to be able to move to a better place both physically and spiritually.

Azalia is one of those 40,000 lives changed. Read her story of radical transformation that only belief in Jesus can bring. 

It is exciting to be part of an organization that leads both on a personal level (as with Azalia), but also leads on a global level with a vision of a greater impact to change a generation, families, communities, nations, and—eventually—the world.

We hope you’ll join us in our outreach efforts. Your investment in, support for, and assistance to Reach Youth Global are appreciated. It’s an easy way for you to be an effective leader by making a difference in the lives of youth.

And if you’ve never really thought much about leadership or considered yourself a leader, now is the time to embrace a new definition. Leadership is nothing more than simply helping someone else move to a better place.

If you’re passionate about—as we are—gently guiding children, youth, adults, parents, families, and communities to a better place and seeing lives transformed from the inside out, then you’ve got all you need to be a leader.

Get involved with us today and make a difference in the world