In Order. The Beginning

January 1, 2017. Genesis 1 – 3.

The record of God’s creation of the world. It is hard to think of a better way to begin the New Year than to look at this new beginning from God’s perspective. He had a master plan in His mind since before the beginning of time and then on Day 1 of His Creation His plan was put into motion.

Perhaps you have set some lofty goals for this new year and you are excited about them. Dreaming about what this new year could look like may put a new hope in your heart and motivation in your soul, but you also think about last year’s beginning; you had dreams and goals as well. How did they turn out? What is going to make this year different? God's plan for accomplishing His plans can serve as a great template for our successful completion of our goals, dreams, and resolutions.

As I read these first 3 chapters here is what I walked away with on a devotional level – You need to know the big plan. Where are you heading? You may have those answers, but the emphasis is on the day-to-day execution. God did not jump directly to the final product of His creation. He broke it down into logical steps of progression and built upon the previous day’s success.

Adam and Eve were not created first and merely suspended in nothingness. God created a home for them first and then He placed them in the Garden. Dream your dreams this year, but live each day to the fullest. Accomplish something today that moves you towards your goal(s). And tomorrow accomplish something else, and along the way – do not forget to rest and enjoy what you have accomplished.

If you read that very first chapter in the Bible, Genesis 1, notice something else, it is small and easily overlooked, but it has BIG implications – how many times is the word “and” used in the first chapter? It is crazy, why some many times? The extensive use of a conjunction actually has a term; it is called a polysyndeton.  It is used to make an emphasis. The point is this, God’s narration of His creative process emphasizes each element rather than the end product. He wants us to see each step that He took, pay attention to the details.

Enjoy the small steps that will lead you to accomplish your goals in this new year. Celebrate them. After each day God said that it was good. Live each day of this new year in a way that you can pillow your head at the end of the day and see some advancement, something good.

Oh, I know, chapter 3 is also a part of this first day’s reading – yes, it is true, there will be an enemy to thwart those plans that God has for you. Now that you know he is there, do not be surprised when he shows up. Resist him. Do not listen to him. Trust God’s plan for you and listen to God’s voice instead.

Today is your “Beginning”, may it be good.

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