In Order. You Will Not Succeed

June 25. 1 Kings 15:1-24 2 Chronicles 13-16 


No one sets out in life to fail. Yet failure happens to us all. While failure may be unavoidable for us, final defeat is not. Learn from today’s reading, how to have a winning perspective in life.

Judah’s king, Abijah, was in God’s chosen line of kings. His reign was short, 3 years that is all, but out of his short reign comes this very powerful declaration that was made to those readying to fight against Judah:


1 Chron. 13:12 So you see, God is with us; He is our leader. His priests, trumpeting as they go, will lead us into battle against you. O people of Israel, do not fight against the Lord God of your fathers, for you will not succeed!”


What a powerful and yet strange statement;

“you will not succeed if you fight against the Lord God.”

But they were not preparing to fight against God, the army of Israel was preparing to fight against the army of Judah.  These were armies of men, directed by physical kings, and preparing for battle with swords and shields. It would be bloody, it would be physical and men would lose their lives. Why the statement, “do not fight against the Lord God”?

Contained in that statement is a philosophy of life and a safe posture from which to march through life. Contained in that statement is reality. Your life success is directly connected to your realization and relation with God.

Abijah knew his position with God and he acted in that confidence. The victory was inevitable for him and his army because of his faith in God and his obedience to God. Suffering any defeat always entails at least one of these key components; fear, impulsiveness, or its opposite – procrastination, lack of preparation, pride etc. Likewise, victory has a key component; depending upon the Lord God.

Be reminded today, that without God you will be defeated. But also know that you can choose to never be without God.  Judah made the choice and enjoyed the victory. Abijah chose to depend upon God rather than outnumbering the enemy or any other strategy that he could have come up with. In this chapter, he was outnumbered and outsmarted by his opponent yet he won.

Anytime God’s people suffered a defeat it was because they were not completely depending upon God. Oh, many times they may have had God in their speech and march, but in those moments of defeat, you will find they added something to the formula for success, like God + this great idea. And other times of defeat it was because they completely went without God, disobedient to His directions and instruction.


1 Chron.13:18-19 So Judah, depending upon the Lord God of their fathers, defeated Israel, and chased King Jeroboam’s troops…20 King Jeroboam of Israel never regained his power during Abijah’s lifetime…


You cannot succeed if you do not depend on God. Be a winner, trust God.