In Order. Wounded Warrior

March 24. Joshua 5-8.


Two great battles are recorded in these chapters, the battle of Jericho and of Ai.  Before the miraculous victory at Jericho, the Scriptures present a very real truth for your life today:


5:8 After the ceremony the entire nation rested in camp until the raw flesh of their wounds had been healed.


These two great victories were won with warriors that had been wounded. Wounds do not automatically dictate that you will forever after be weak, incapacitated, useless, or defeated. NO! But what is important to note is what these wounded warriors did before their victories; They rested in the camp until they healed.

Life has few guarantees, but one guarantee is that you will get hurt, physically, emotionally, financially, you will be wounded! When it happens, take the time to heal, but notice carefully where the healing took place; in the camp, God's camp. Surround yourself with people of God who will care for you and protect you while you recover. Find your camp, church is a good start.

Now here is the hard part for the wounded person, but necessary – the battle that follows the healing. You were not meant to recover forever; so get up and get ready for Jericho! Face the enemy in your life.

The defeat of Jericho was a miracle of God. The miracle was realized as the recovered soldiers followed God’s directions. As you follow God’s plan for healing from your wounds then He will confirm that you made the right choice, and He will give you a miraculous victory. Jericho was won without any pain or wounds because God’s directions for battle were believed and followed.

Then comes Ai, another battle, but this one was fought twice. The first in chapter 7 ended in defeat for Israel. Then in chapter 8 the victory and they were allowed to keep all of the spoils of war, unlike the instructions for defeating Jericho.

In chapter 7, the loss, something was missing – God’s instructions of how to defeat this city. But in chapter 8, God once again instructs as to how to have victory;


8:2 You shall do to them as you did to Jericho and her king, but this time you may keep the loot and the cattle for yourselves. Set an ambush behind the city.”


Whether you; recover from being wounded, suffer loss, or are victorious, is really your choice. God has everything prepared for the healing, the victory, and the reward, but you have to trust and follow His healing plan and His battle plans. That is why the story in these chapters end with these words:


8:34 Joshua then read to them all of the statements of blessing and curses that Moses had written in the book of God’s laws. 35 Every commandment Moses had ever given was read before the entire assembly, including the women and children and the foreigners who lived among the Israelis.


Read His Book. Discover His plan for your healing and your victories. Now live that plan and enjoy His promises!