In Order. When Reason & Resource Are Not Enough

July 5. 2 Kings 12-13, 2 Chronicles 24 


You have a cause, a just cause. The reason for doing what has to be done is clear. You have the resources to get it done; everything you need is available to you. Yet nothing has changed. Your situation continues to be the same – day in and day out. Perhaps it has continued for so long that you have accepted it as your life, “that’s just how it is…”

That was the situation in 2 Kings 12. The king was tired of seeing the temple in disrepair and wanted something done about it. He had the reason, and he had the resources to make the repairs.


2 Kings 12:4-5 One day King Joash said to Jehoiada, “The Temple building needs repairing. Whenever anyone brings a contribution to the Lord, whether it is a regular assessment or some special gift, use it to pay for whatever repairs are needed.”


But keep reading:


12:6 But in the twenty-third year of his reign the Temple was still in disrepair.


What!?! Are you kidding? Twenty-three years later and still in disrepair? What about the need? It still needed repair (probably even more so now). The reason was still there. The offerings continued to be taken, so the resources to repair were there. What was missing from this formula for success?

What is missing in your life to repair what needs to be repaired in your life? You know the issue that needs fixing; so you have a good reason. Now look around, you have the resources as well, but the problem continues. The issue has not been resolved, perhaps it is worse now. Or it has gone on so long you are numb to it and it is hard for you to see what it could be. You have accepted your condition of disrepair as normal or hopeless.

So how can this story end with the temple being repaired? How can your life’s story be changed and the repairs happen?

1. Know the reason. Identify what is in disrepair.

2. Collect the resources to fix it. That is why you have the Word of God, The Holy Spirit, and the Local Church; add them to friends and family – wow! You have resources available to repair any area of your life.

3. Now here is what is missing – the resolve to do it. Put in the hard work and apply the discipline that is needed to get the job done.

Unfortunately, in this story the king is attacked and later assassinated before his revised plan for repair is accomplished. In his revised plan what changed was the resolve to get the job done. In verse 8 – 16, they simply decided to use the resources and time for the reason that had been staring them in the face – no more excuses, time to work.

What a shame. The king wanted to repair the temple. For 23 years he had the resources to do it. He died never seeing the issue resolved. It only took 7 years for Solomon to build the temple. Issues are never repaired in life with reason and resources only – it takes your resolve.