In Order. What's The Use

January 5, 2017. Job 6 – 9.


Wow, some amazing friends poor Job has surrounding him. Their words may be full of truth but they are so misspoken and do not apply to Job’s case at all. These words are not edifying Job, they are helping to keep Job down. In chapter 6, his response to the counsel of his friends is that now his grief is heavier than the weight of the sand of the seas. Read these words:

Job 6:9 “Would that God were willing to crush me, that He would loose His hand and cut me off!”

Oh, sometimes it is better that we just keep quiet and sit with someone, that is in need or grief, without trying to say anything. It is okay not to have all the answers. Job is feeling hopeless now. It is like the feeling that we all have had about life at one time or another – “What is the use? Why try?” Look at how many questions Job asks in chapter 7. His friends' counsel has only caused him added doubts and confusion.

All of these questions and doubts give way to one of the most important questions that you and I could ever entertain;

            Job 9:2 “… But how can a man be in the right before God?”

And in desperation Job tries to supply that answer, and he states that it is impossible for man to be right before God and that there is no umpire or arbiter between God and man. But here is where having the complete revelation of God’s Word at our disposal helps us to know the full truth of the matter.

The good news is that you and I, WE DO have an arbiter, an advocate, someone to go before us and plead our case before God, and His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I John 2:1 My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous;”

Jesus took your place and paid for your sins because you could not take care of that yourself. He is your mediator. That is why Jesus can call Himself, The Way, The Truth and The Life (John 14:6). He is your access to God.

Here’s the truth that I want to share from these chapters to help you order your thoughts - Life is worth living because of what Christ has done for you. He offers to you a new life in Him. He is able to reconcile you to God and restore that right relationship with Him. Let Christ plead your case; He loved you enough to die on the cross for you, He loves you still and will plead your case to the Heavenly Father.


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