In Order. Whatchya' Offering?

February 13, 2017. Leviticus 1-4.


We begin today in the book of Leviticus. This book is about the Levite people who had a special job to do. They helped others understand worship and holiness, through the work of the priests, the tribe of Levi. (Exodus 28:1-3)

To have a restored relationship with a holy God, God had to provide a way for the children of Israel to do so. God’s people were to bring an offering or gift to the LORD.

The first offering described is the Burnt offering. The type of animal given would be according to the wealth of the giver. This was considered a “whole offering”, an expression of complete dedication to God, and by placing his hand on the head of the animal it would identify himself to the offering. The animal was of value and would have to die, thus costing the offeror something.  

Next we have the Grain offering. This was also burnt, but only a portion, with the remaining to be given to the priest, as part of his pay. It was an accompaniment to all the burnt offerings, signifying thankfulness. These offerings were to be unleavened and seasoned with salt. 

The last of the three sweet aroma offerings was Peace. This was a statement of love and gratitude to the LORD. We see how these three offerings were all meant for fellowship with God.

Chapter four now brings in the Sin offering. A non-sweet aroma gift that would be the offering for those sins committed unknowingly or unintentionally. God had made a way for all levels of society, whether the richest (Leviticus 4:22) or the poorest (Leviticus 4:27), to be in harmony with Him. Because of His plan, they all would have a place. (Leviticus 4:27)

Love verse (Leviticus 1:3) how it says “of his own free will” the offering is to be offered. It was up to them if, and what they brought. God accepted the “at-one-ment” verse 4, from the giver, because He so desires to be at one with His people. 

God also stated in (Leviticus 2:13b) that all offerings should be offered with salt-which is a preservative and brings flavor. He wants the very basics for us and from us in this life

You see, God gives us the choice to accept Jesus, through His death on the cross “The Atonement” for our sin, as our Lord and Savior, to establish the fellowship God always intended with us. Jesus….is that sweet aroma offering that is a gift to all (1 John 2:2) from a loving God. Because He is the definition of L-O-V-E!! (1 John 4:8)

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