In Order. Trouble Trouble Everywhere

May 6, 2017. Psalm 89 Psalm 96 Psalm 100-101 Psalm 105 Psalm 132.


In this collection of Psalms there is a theme, perhaps not easily grasped with the first reading. But it is a subject familiar to every soul that has ever walked this earth; trouble, a life touched by trouble, filled with trouble and being crushed by trouble.

You know what that is like, if not at this moment, but you have experienced trouble. Life’s plans and dreams many times do not reflect the reality you find yourself living. You embark on a journey and how quickly things change. The ride you thought you were getting on turns out to be nothing like you had imagined.

These Psalms are full of trouble. What do you do when you are in trouble and trouble seems to meet you at every turn? Do you complain, feel sorry for yourself, get depressed, seek escape, bury your head in the sand and hope it will pass? What do you do?

Notice what the Psalmist chooses to do;


Psalm 89:1 Forever and ever I will sing about the tender kindness of the Lord! Young and old shall hear about your blessings. Your love and kindness are forever; your truth is as enduring as the heavens.


Oh, the declaration of troubles is coming in these Psalms, it will be expressed, but what is interesting is how the trouble is packaged and managed by the psalmist. He begins with singing and focusing on God’s love mercy, kindness and His truths.

The Psalmist ends as he began;


89:52 And yet—blessed be the Lord forever! Amen and amen!


That is how to handle trouble. Stuff it all into the character of God, His love, and His kindness. When you begin with God and filter all of your trouble through His character and immutability, then, in the end, all you will see is God, no longer can your focus be on the troubles.

The psalmist said that he will sing forever of God’s tender mercies. Forever. Reflecting the fact that God’s mercy, His loving kindness lasts forever, therefore the psalmist’s praise will reflect God’s character.

When you trust God’s character, when you choose to trust His promises and that He cannot lie, then it is possible to have trouble, and not just a little trouble, in your life, and yet still be happy. By trusting in God’s character and promises more than your circumstances, you will, in God’s perfect timing, experience His deliverance, blessings, protection, mercy, love and kindness. God cannot fail.


Psalm 105:19 until God’s time finally came…


When trouble comes next time, try handling it as the psalmist did, begin with praise so that at the end of your trouble there will also be praise. Begin with seeing and trusting that God is good, kind and full of love. Turn your complaining into praising, you will get more out of it. Troubles can be converted into thanksgiving, by focusing on God, His character, and His promises rather than your circumstances.