In Order. Traveling Instructions

February 27, 2017. Numbers 8-10.


10:11 The Cloud lifted from the Tabernacle on the twentieth day of the second month of the second year of Israel’s leaving Egypt; 12 so the Israelites left the wilderness of Sinai, and followed the Cloud until it stopped in the wilderness of Paran. 13 This was their first journey after having received the Lord’s travel instructions to Moses.


Here we go, the first major trip into the wilderness and on the way to the Promised Land. There has been much preparation, instruction and practice before this grand event. God is like that. He spends a lot of time on preparation before the big events.

Consider the seven days of Creation. Six days of preparation and then that 6th day was coronated with God’s creation of Adam and Eve! But before He presented them, He had prepared them a place to live.

Do not be frustrated with the moments and even chapters in your life when you do not see much progress, or perhaps you feel like you are not getting any closer to your dreams and goals. Be confident that God is still in those ever-so-important stages of preparation for your continued journey and destiny.

There are a couple of things that jump out in these chapters of final preparation and the first step of this first major march towards the Promised Land. Take a look at them and apply them to your journey, and may you experience God’s divine leadership and guidance in everything you do.


8:8 The Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron that when he lights the seven lamps in the lampstand, he is to set them so that they will throw their light forward.”


First of all, if you want to take the correct first steps on your march to God’s plan for your life, set your light forward. Quit looking back and dwelling on the "what if’s" and "should’ve been's"… Let the light of God’s Word illuminate your next step (Psalm 119:105). As the light goes forward, then walk into the light. Sure, as you do that it will lead you further away from what is familiar to you, and those places where you find comfort and safety, but the New World would have never been discovered had the great adventurers kept their vista of a safe harbor.

Trust God when He moves – follow Him. That is the testimony of the nation of Israel in these chapters. They moved when God led them to move and they stayed put until God moved them again. They followed that light in their lives. What light are you shining to illuminate your path?

Jesus is referred to as the Light of the world, and God’s Word a lamp unto our feet. It will be hard to find a better source of light for your life’s march. Trust God’s traveling instructions. He will never mislead you.