In Order. Think About It

May 3, 2017. Psalm 106 – 107.


The title of this blog series is “In Order”, written with the idea to help you put your life in order according to simple truths gleaned from God’s Word through a chronological daily reading plan.

Ordering your life based on the instruction and insight of today’s reading may include these two major thoughts. First of all chapter 106 causes you to see the rapid progression of sin if left unchecked. The chapter begins with praising God but ends with the God’s people sacrificing their own children to false God’s.

How could that happen? The first step to that end is a steep and slippery step. Take a look at it and take heed to guard against it in your life:


106:7 They weren’t impressed by the wonder of your (God) miracles in Egypt and soon forgot your many acts of kindness to them.


How could this happen? How could they have decayed morally and spiritually to where they could sacrifice their own children to a false god? They soon forgot what God had done for them.

Now chapter 107 continues with situations, conditions and circumstances of distress, fear, pending doom and destruction etc. and in all of those cases, He responded to the cries for help and deliverance. If you want to order your life, you must not forget what God has done for you. Then cry out again.

When you cried out in the past how did God deliver you? Perhaps the storm-tossed waves are crashing around you at you this very moment and you are doubting that God is even listening to you or that He can even hear your cry, but if you will remember and look back, it will be obvious that God has heard you in the past and has delivered you. Remember Him. Remember what He has already done for you. That same God is able to deliver you again. Do not continue down that path of destruction that will take you further and further from His goodness and wonderful plan for your life. Remember Him now. Cry out to Him now.

Read this verse and meditate upon it.


107:43 Listen, if you are wise, to what I am saying. Think about the loving-kindness of the Lord!


Think about His loving-kindness. Those thoughts will calm any raging storm in your life. Take your eyes off of the storm and waves and evil and pending doom, and think of the loving character of God. He wants to deliver you. He wants a relation with you. He is all about reconciliation that is why He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you. Christ is your salvation.

If you look back and recognize that God has delivered you then do not forget Him or what He has done for you. Speak out. Tell others.


107:2 Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has saved you from your enemies.


Putting order back into your chaos and life begins with remembering God’s loving-kindness. Remembering His wonderful works in the past. Why not take a few moments and write down some of those moments from your history, those moments that you know can only be explained with, “it must have been God”. And after you remember, encourage someone else today, speak out about God's working in your life. Your remembrance and proclamation of God's goodness can arrest a swift decline into utter destruction.