In Order. Return And Be Restored

March 21, 2017. Deuteronomy 30-31.


Here’s what will happen. While you’re out among the nations where God has dispersed you and the blessings and curses come in just the way I have set them before you, and you and your children take them seriously and come back to God, your God, and obey Him with your whole heart and soul according to everything that I command you today, God, your God, will restore everything you lost; He’ll have compassion on you; He’ll come back and pick up the piece from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God, you God, will get you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. (Deuteronomy 30:1-4) MSG

If God’s people will return whole heartedly to the Lord, He promises restoration. The Lord shows us once again who He is….gracious and slow to anger. Just as the periodical son came to himself first, then to his Father. There was sorrow and shame when he considered his current condition, because he remembered the blessing and the curse. Through true repentance the relationship and communion could once again take place. 

You see it is the heart and soul that the Lord looks at and requires. His compassion and tender mercies overflow for those that repent and obey His voice, and return to Him. 

This commandment that I’m commanding you today isn’t too much for you, it’s not out of your reach. It’s not on a high mountain-you don’t have to get mountaineers to climb the peak and bring it down to your level and explain before you can live it. And it’s not across the ocean-you don’t have to send sailors out to get it, bring it back, and then explain it. No. The word is right here and now-as near as the tongue in our mouth, as near as the heart in your chest. Just do it! (Deuteronomy 30:11-14) MSG

Have you wondered from your loving Father? Have you forgotten the blessings He has for you? 

Because of His loving mercy we can return today. It doesn’t have to be hard or even out of reach. We can align our lives in order with what the Lord promises for us. The Lord has set before us today life and good, death and evil, that He commands us today to love the Lord our God, and to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, statutes and judgements.

Cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days! Choose life! Choose His protective commands that are right here for us, and ready for sharing with the people God has put around us

He longs to bring restoration to your heart and soul! He wants to restore everything you have lost.

Terri Hill

Terri has placed her hope and faith in the Lord Jesus, and is grateful to be a wife, the mother to four amazing children, and finds joy in her practically perfect, three grandchildren! ...more