In Order. Power.

May 5, 2017. Psalm 1-2 Psalm 15 Psalm 22-24 Psalm 47 Psalm 68.


This chronological reading had you all over the book of Psalms today. Did you see it? Did you find a thread that connected these chapters? Not only the chronology of events but what about the reason for the history being preserved so that you could read it today? God is not only interested in being a great history teacher with a great textbook, but God’s history recorded for you today has the very real purpose of changing your life and transforming you.

The Scriptures are God’s voice to you today. He is speaking to you. What is He saying to you through this sampling of chapters and verses? Today's reading ends with this thought:


Psalm 68:34 Power belongs to God! His majesty shines down on Israel; his strength is mighty in the heavens. 35 What awe we feel, kneeling here before him in the sanctuary. The God of Israel gives strength and mighty power to his people. Blessed be God!


Do you feel in awe of God? Can you kneel before Him and recognize His presence and power? Do you realize that He loves you, you are important to Him and He wants to give you strength and power for your life?

Here is a thought that runs through these chapters. Meditate on these for a few moments.


Psalm 1:1 Oh, the joys of those who do not follow evil men’s advice, who do not hang around with sinners, scoffing at the things of God. But they delight in doing everything God wants them to, and day and night are always meditating on his laws and thinking about ways to follow him more closely.

Psalm 2:11 Serve the Lord with reverent fear; rejoice with trembling.

Psalm 15:2 Anyone who leads a blameless life and is truly sincere. Anyone who refuses to slander others, does not listen to gossip, never harms his neighbor, 4 speaks out against sin, criticizes those committing it, commends the faithful followers of the Lord, keeps a promise even if it ruins him, does not crush his debtors with high interest rates, and refuses to testify against the innocent despite the bribes offered him—such a man shall stand firm forever.

Psalm 22:23 “Praise the Lord, each one of you who fears him,” I will say. “Each of you must fear and reverence his name…

Psalm 23:1 Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need! (Sheep follow the shepherd and obey his voice)

Psalm 24:3 Who may climb the mountain of the Lord and enter where he lives? Who may stand before the Lord? Only those with pure hands and hearts, who do not practice dishonesty and lying.

Psalm 47:1 Come, everyone, and clap for joy! Shout triumphant praises to the Lord! For the Lord, the God above all gods, is awesome beyond words; he is the great King of all the earth. (Kings rule, his subjects follow and obey.)


Obedience to God and following Him is a common thread in these samples. If you want God’s strength and power in your life, understand that He wants to give it to you, but it comes with following Him and obedience to His instructions and care for your life.