In Order. My Part

February 24, 2017. Numbers 3-4.


3:5 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Summon the tribe of Levi and present them to Aaron as his assistants. 7-9 They will follow his instructions and perform the sacred duties at the Tabernacle on behalf of all the people of Israel. For they are assigned to him as representatives of all the people of Israel. They are in charge of all the furnishings and maintenance of the Tabernacle. 10 However, only Aaron and his sons may carry out the duties of the priesthood; anyone else who presumes to assume this office shall be executed.”


Setting up and moving the tabernacle was not an easy task. God was very specific and very particular about the order, the setup, the teardown and the transport of His tabernacle. His plan included dividing the people into specific groups and assigning them their area of responsibility. God was very careful to instruct that everyone assigned a task to be responsible for that task only and warned them not to try and do someone else's work.

Take great comfort in that aspect of God and how He organizes and works. He will never ask you to do something that He has not prepared you to do. Simplify your life, remove the stress, enjoy the journey. You have only to do your part, not everyone else's, nor do you have to try and do God's part. He will always be faithful with completing His part.

Is what robs you of sleep at night, and robs you of peace in your heart and home actually you trying to script everyone else's part in your life's dilemmas and challenges? Just do your part, that is all God has ever asked or expected of you. Trust that He knows His part very well and is capable of executing it perfectly. And those other people, well you cannot play their part for them, so do not let them rob you of peace and joy.

Like the picture for this blog, of the 2 boys in the canoe, you only need to control your oar and your paddle strokes. You cannot control the river flow nor the others in the boat. Do your part and free yourself of trying to control and manipulate pieces that were never assigned to you. Enjoy the journey, follow God's leadership and trust that He is doing His part and that He will safely lead you forward. Trust that God is also wanting to lead and help the others in your life do their part. Relax, today, just do your part and leave the worry and stress behind.