In Order. Live Happy

June 6, 2017. Proverbs 10 – 12.


Have you ever said it; “I just want to be happy”? Contained in these 3 chapters of wisdom and practical advice for living are nuggets of truth that will help you to live a happy life.


10:2 Ill-gotten gain brings no lasting happiness; right living does.


The truths contained here make it very simple to know and to understand what your life will be like depending on which role you choose. These comparisons between good & evil, wise & foolish, godly & wicked, honesty & lies etc. all come to a conclusion about a life that is lived in that fashion.

If you want life, a life lived to the fullest, the formula for that success is revealed in this timeless book of wisdom, and each of these verses contains a nugget of truth to be obtained and invested in your life. Granted these may be easier to understand and harder to apply, but the results are what you are desiring.

Who does not want all the good results contained in these verses? We all desire to avoid those negative, bad and destructive consequences that are a juxtaposition to the good revealed in these instructions. Right living brings happiness. And in chapter 11 it is stated this way:


11:23 The good man can look forward to happiness, while the wicked can expect only wrath.


Looking forward to happiness is the beginning. Moving forward into happiness may not be as easy.  How can you do everything contained in these three chapters let alone all the other words of wisdom and instruction found throughout the entire book of Proverbs? Try beginning with these three simple truths.

Be willing to be instructed.  Proverbs 10:8, 12:1.

Be willing to be corrected.  Proverbs 10:17.

Be willing to search for good.  Proverbs 11:27

As you adopt these three attitudes and actions you have taken your first steps along a wonderful pathway that leads to the happy life that you desire.


12:28 The path of the godly leads to life.


Now each day and every day choose your next step; choose another verse to live and put it into practice. Do not worry about trying to finish the entire journey in a day, life is a path, not a splat. Enjoy your next step in life that is illuminated by the immutable truths and promises of God’s Word. Live happy!