In Order. Live Better Than A King

June 21. I Kings 10 – 11; II Chronicles 9.


I Kings 10:6 She exclaimed to him, “Everything I heard in my own country about your wisdom and about the wonderful things going on here is all true. I didn’t believe it until I came, but now I have seen it for myself! And really! The half had not been told me! Your wisdom and prosperity are far greater than anything I’ve ever heard of! Your people are happy and your palace aides are content—but how could it be otherwise, for they stand here day after day listening to your wisdom! Blessed be the Lord your God who chose you and set you on the throne of Israel. How the Lord must love Israel—for he gave you to them as their king! And you give your people a just, good government!”


Those were Queen Sheba’s words and response related to her visit to King Solomon’s kingdom. Reading these chapters that describe Solomon’s kingdom and his yearly revenue and wealth is beyond words and description. King Solomon had it all + wisdom! You could not have asked for anything else this side of eternity, and if you could he would have gotten that too.

Forty years he reigned and there will never be another earthly kingdom greater than that of Solomon’s. And there will never be another human wiser than Solomon. So with all that wealth, power, resources, influence, potential, opportunity, vision, drive, knowledge, understanding and wisdom, how does a man’s life end with this description?


11:30 Ahijah tore his new robe into twelve parts 31 and said to Jeroboam, “Take ten of these pieces, for the Lord God of Israel says, ‘I will tear the kingdom from the hand of Solomon


The prophet Ahijah was sending a very strong message, fueled by God’s anger towards Solomon and his later reign. Solomon would finish his reign, but God would not let it continue in that state. What happened? How could this happen?

Here is what happened:


11:…they turned his (Solomon) heart away from the Lord,

11:9-10 Jehovah was very angry with Solomon about this, for now Solomon was no longer interested in the Lord God of Israel who had appeared to him twice to warn him specifically against worshiping other gods. But he hadn’t listened,


Solomon’s heart was turned from God and he was no longer interested in God, not only not interested in the things of God, but Solomon was not interested in God.

Do you want to live better than King Solomon? Keep your heart focused on God, stay interested in God, not only the things of God but God. The issue comes down to a relationship. Solomon’s interest in relationship and need for relationship shifted from God to women and wives which drew him to be interested in other gods. When his heart was moved towards them, so moved his interest. As wise as he was, he could not divide his heart and his interest – it is impossible. Where your heart goes, your interest follows.

So how do you know where your heart is going to lead you? What are you interested in? If you are not interested in God, and if you are oblivious to His words and warnings in your life, your heart has turned. Repent, and turn it again towards God. Renew your interest in God and not only the things that God can do for you. Live smarter than Solomon. (If only he would have remembered what he wrote in Proverbs 3)