In Order. King of Nations

Imagine living in a society in which the common tendency is for people to put their hope in things that do them no good. Things that promise no peace or security. This is exactly the world that the nation of Israel found themselves in as we read Jeremiah 10:1-5.

 Hear the word that the Lord speaks to you, O Israel! This is what the Lord says:

“Do not act like the other nations,
    who try to read their future in the stars.
Do not be afraid of their predictions,
    even though other nations are terrified by them.
Their ways are futile and foolish.
    They cut down a tree, and a craftsman carves an idol.
They decorate it with gold and silver
    and then fasten it securely with hammer and nails
    so it won’t fall over.
Their gods are like
    helpless scarecrows in a cucumber field!
They cannot speak,
    and they need to be carried because they cannot walk.
Do not be afraid of such gods,
    for they can neither harm you nor do you any good.”

This world, these “other nations,” put their hope in trying to predict the future by reading the stars and manufacturing idols to worship as gods. Can you imagine living in such world? Does this sound anything like the world we live in today?

            Our society is so eager to lean on almost anything except the one true God and His Word. Although mainstream culture doesn’t literally build false idols regularly, it attempts to reinforce the idea that the things of this world: money, fame, success, influence, that new house, the cars, the newest Apple product (this is my weakness), will bring security and goodness to your life. What if we didn’t give in to this lie? What if we didn’t act like the “other nations,” the mainstream culture? What if we didn’t follow ways that are “futile and foolish?” What if we put our hope in something, someone, much greater? Instead of trusting in such gods that cannot “do you any good,” what if we put our faith, hope and trust in the One True God? A God like the one we see in Jeremiah 10:6-7:

“6 Lord, there is no one like you!
    For you are great, and your name is full of power.
Who would not fear you, O King of nations?
    That title belongs to you alone!
Among all the wise people of the earth
    and in all the kingdoms of the world,
    there is no one like you.”

May we put our security in the God of gods and the King of kings. The one who is like no other. The one who alone can bear the title “King of nations!”