In Order. Journal Your Journey

March 9, 2017. Numbers 33-34.


33 1 This is the itinerary of the nation of Israel from the time Moses and Aaron led them out of Egypt. Moses had written down their movements as the Lord had instructed him.


The journey through the wilderness is coming to an end and before the miraculous and long anticipated crossing into the promised land, Moses receives instructions from God to journal the travels, remember and reflect on the travels.

As you set goals in your life and work towards those goals perhaps your journey looks similar to that of the nation of Israel; somewhere along the way you faced a myriad of trials. There were desperate moments when you felt like quitting, felt like just going back to the way things were even though they were less than ideal. Perhaps there were even times when you did not know how you could go on, and you wished for the end of your existence.

Along the way, you made mistakes and choices that altered your life and plans forever. The good news is that if you will take the time to reflect you will see that God continues to guide you. His promise is that He will never leave or forsake His children. He never left the Israelites in the wilderness. He has brought them to this epic moment in their history when they will be able to claim that promise from God.

Take a few moments today and review your movements. Write them down. Even those small trips in life, when you reflect on the annoyance of a flat tire in the morning as you were already running late for work or school – could it be that this further delay kept you from being involved in a terrible accident along your commute, that had made the evening news?

Reflecting and remembering will help you to see how God, even when you fail or make a wrong choice, continues to lead and direct your steps. Look for God today. As you take a moment to reflect on yesterday or last week or even this last year, we, at Reach Youth Global pray that you will see God’s intervention, care, love and protection in your life. Be encouraged, He has not and will not leave you. Keep trusting Him. Keep following Him.