In Order. It Doesn't Matter

August 22. Jeremiah 46-48.


Three chapters; each addressing the pending judgment of God upon three nations, enemies of God's people, Egypt, Philistia, and Moab. All with the same result, they tuck tail and run!


46:5 But look! The Egyptian army flees in terror; the mightiest of its soldiers run without a backward glance.

46:14 Shout it out in Egypt; publish it in the cities of Migdol, Memphis, and Tahpanhes! Mobilize for battle, for the sword of destruction shall devour all around you. 15 Why has Apis, your bull god, fled in terror? Because the Lord knocked him down before your enemies. 16 Vast multitudes fall in heaps. (Then the remnant of the Jews will say, “Come, let us return again to Judah where we were born and get away from all this slaughter here!”)

47:2 The Lord says: A flood is coming from the north to overflow the land of the Philistines; it will destroy their cities and everything in them. Strong men will scream in terror, and all the land will weep. 

48:41 Her cities are fallen; her strongholds are seized. The hearts of her mightiest warriors fail with fear like women in the pains of giving birth.


Since this is a devotional blog, rather than a Bible study, dedicated to inspiring you to put order back into your life based on God’s Word and His truths, here is a perspective for viewing and meditating upon these chapters of doom.

Each nation, along with its mentioned gods and cities of power, paints a wonderful truth in regards to God and His relationship with His people, His children. Are you a child of God? If so soak in these truths and be encouraged.

These nations, cities, and gods represent strongholds, power, desires, wealth, skill, love, apathy, compromise, greed, pride, fear, and even demon possession and devil worship. Things that replaced, or choked out a relationship with God and walking in His truth. Some of these gods were accepted by God’s people while seeking political peace and rest, others were accepted after fierce oppression and finally God’s children just giving up the good fight and accepting the way of the world that surrounded them.

We all do it. We all have them. We have let the false gods into our lives. And the longer they are there, the more we live to regret it. So here is the hope and the encouragement – you have not gone too far; it doesn't matter what you have done. You have not been too evil; You have not compromised too much or rebelled against God so fiercely that He cannot give you victory and drive away those false gods and enemies of God's plan for you. God wants your life to be clean, restored, refreshed. He offers a new life in His Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, trust Him today! Cry out to Him to set the false gods and enemy in your life running! He can. He is the one and only true and living God – no other god can stand against Him. You can win! You can have victory – you are not too far gone and it is not too late! God can set you free and send the destroyers and subduers in your life in full retreat!