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April 11, 2017. I Samuel 13-14.


I Samuel 13 and 14, Saul was early in his reign as King and was soon making some very costly mistakes and exercising poor judgment that reflected little or no faith in God and His timing at all. Ultimately Saul’s decision in chapter 13 would lead to God rejecting him as king and announcing that He was going to replace Saul with someone else, already chosen.

Chapter 14 contains an almost polar-opposite insight into another man’s life, Jonathan. Prince Jonathan will make some decisions that exude faith and confidence in God, and God rewards him with a great victory because of his action of faith.

Now both of these chapters contain stories that are full of action and drama, and worthy of taking the time to read, but pause a moment on chapter 14, verses 6 and 7.


14:6 “Yes, let’s go across to those heathen,” Jonathan had said to his bodyguard. “Perhaps the Lord will do a miracle for us. For it makes no difference to him how many enemy troops there are!” “Fine!” the youth replied. “Do as you think best; I’m with you heart and soul, whatever you decide.”


Now ask yourself these questions; “Do I live with the faith of Saul or Jonathan? Do I make decisions and take actions based on fear, impatience, doubt, like Saul; or are my actions more like that of Jonathan and his confidence in God and God’s power?”

One way to tell - who is following you? Many of Saul’s men ran home and hid. A lack of faith on your part will never inspire others to follow you, or inspire others to be brave. But to live with the confidence and faith that Jonathan displayed; that will inspire others to respond as Jonathan’s bodyguard did, “I’m with you heart and soul, whatever you decide.”

Imagine that response in your marriage. Imagine that response with your children. Imagine that response if you are the boss or owner of a company. Who is following your example? Does your faith inspire others to do bold things with confidence in God, or does your lack of faith give others an excuse to do less, retreat, hide or stay put?

Make a difference with your life – lead others to experience God’s help and deliverance!