In Order. I am I will

March 3, 2017. In Order. Numbers 18-20.


In chapter 18 God makes this statement to the people of Israel, “for I am all that you need.” (Numbers 18:20) Contrast that to what the enemy says in chapter 20:18, “Stay out! If you attempt to enter my land, I will meet you with an army.”


Chapter 19 describes a complicated system of being cleansed from sin and trespass.

So what can you take away from today’s chronological reading of God’s Word? God’s statement of being all that you need can simplify your life if you believe it and walk in the light of that truth. In your life-path, you will come to apparent short cuts, as did the Israelites in chapter 20. Many times these short cuts call for a compromising of ethics, morals and other absolutes. If you choose to take those short cuts, understand there is an enemy that is ready to destroy you. Walk away. And when you walk away, do not worry, the journey may seem longer and more difficult but that is where you will experience God’s “I am”, and that is all you need.

Even chapter 19 clearly illustrates that – being cleansed and justified before God was a difficult, complicated and exact practice in the Old Testament. Why? Why did God make this so difficult rather than simple for anyone and everyone to do for themselves? One obvious answer is that your salvation, cleansing, and forgiveness of sins, is not something that you can easily do for yourself. You need to recognize the high price that was paid by Jesus Christ when He became the propitiation for your sins. It is complicated. You are not expected to be able to take care of that yourself. Only through God’s pattern and His plan can that cleansing take place. Once again He is all you need.

If you look for an alternative to dealing with your sin you may encounter an apparent shortcut, but understand that way is being guarded by the enemy of your soul, and if that is the path you choose, you will ultimately be destroyed. The wide apparent way is not always of God.

So here is the simplicity - discover who God is (I am) or discover what the enemy is capable of doing (I will). When you discover who God is you will also discover what He is capable of doing. You cannot do this yourself, trust Him, trust His plan.