In Order. Here's A Question For You

August 23. Jeremiah 49 – 50.


Seven more nations or kingdoms are listed with their impending doom and destruction described. All guilty of the same thing just dressed up with a different style; they all worshipped another god besides the one true God, Jehovah God. Read this statement made by God in chapter 50, verse 38; “…And why? Because the whole land is full of images, and the people are madly in love with their idols.”

The book of Jeremiah is not a go-to book for uplifting, positive and encouraging messages. Its pages contain warnings and strong words and descriptions of difficult times. As long as there are other gods, and as long as people are madly in love with their idols and refuse to acknowledge and honor God, then hard words are necessary to hear and consider.

God uses questions as He introduces the destiny of two of these enemy nations. The first question is this, for the Ammonites;


49:1 What is this you are doing? Why are you living in the cities of the Jews?


The second question, for Edom, is this;


49:The Lord says: Where are all your wise men of days gone by?


It is obvious that when God asks a question it is not for His benefit, an all-knowing God knows! The benefit is for the one who must answer the question. He only asked the question because the situations already existed, and He wanted to highlight the problem. Once the problem was identified, then it could and would be dealt with.

So, what are you doing? Why are you living the way you do and where you do? What surrounds your life? Do you belong there? What about the counselors, guides, mentors, life-coaches, pastors, shepherds in your life; who do you listen to, or are you listening to them any longer?

What you are doing, where you are doing it, and who you are listening to; are all very important issues to be re-evaluated. It is not easy to have an honest inspection of these things and to give an answer to God for these areas. The answers to these questions will reveal with what or whom you are madly in love. The best picture that can be painted and the best ending that could be written to your story is if the answers to these questions revealed that you are madly in love with God.

Here is the good news – God is already madly in love with you, so much so that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die for you so that you could have your sins forgiven and enjoy a restored relationship as Father and son or daughter with Him. God is always making a way for you to enjoy His love. Come back to Him. What are you doing with your life? Who are you living amongst? Who are you listening to? Have you turned your back on the One who is madly in love with you?