In Order. Give The Best

February 20, 2017. Leviticus 22-23.


20 Do not present an animal with defects, because the Lord will not accept it on your behalf.

I have a missionary friend who’s family has spent long periods of time on the mission field thousands of miles from family and friends. He told me once about a Christmas offering that a church had sent him that illustrates the point of chapter 22. The church sent them a “Care Package” of used toothbrushes and half used toothpaste! In my years of pastoring I have had to dispose of many “Love Gifts” to the church that were simply worthless that somebody had no more use for and decided to bless God with their junk.

Moses is telling the people "Look if it's broken, if it's blemished, don't give it to God." I think that's a good rule. Would it be an affront to you if someone gave you something of no value in the name of love? If it is worthless to you then it has cost you nothing to give it to God.

Do you remember when David wanted to buy the threshing floor of Ornan in order to offer a sacrifice, and he wanted to buy the ox that was there? Ornan said, "Hey I'll give it to you David." David said, "Oh no, I won't sacrifice to God that which cost me nothing.”

A farmer’s cow calved twins he was so excited he decided to give one of them to the Lord. He told his wife when they big enough to sell whatever comes from it we'll just give to the Lord. "Oh that's great, now which one's the Lord's?" He said, "Oh, it really doesn't make any difference." So a few months went on, and he came in one morning. He wasn't looking so good, she said, "What's wrong?" He said, "Oh, the Lord's calf died."

Our heart attitude should be "I'm not gonna give to God something that didn't cost me anything.”  I have been asked so many times “how much should I be giving to God”? My response is always "What did it cost you to give to God”?  The amount is never a consideration with God. Therefore some of the poorest of you will have the greatest rewards in heaven, who have given to God out of your sustenance not abundance. Some of us who have made these large, great contributions to God will hardly be noticed in heaven. Because it didn't hurt them, didn't cost them, they just gave out of their abundance. It wasn't costing them anything. In fact it afforded them a very nice tax write off.

So what is important to God when you give is your heart not amount. Giving God your best, not that which you can't use anymore, not that which really has no value to you, not just what you can afford.  But honoring God, showing our love to God, by giving God the best that we have.

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Sal Sberna

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