In Order. Get In Line

February 23, 2017. Numbers 1-2. 


If you have ever flown domestic or internationally you know what a disaster the boarding process can be if people do not know where to line up and in what order the plane will be seated. But if the boarding process is clear, it contributes to the possibility of a pleasant trip.

As we continue reading through the books of the law, we are confronted with this very simple formula if we desire to see God’s plan revealed and experienced in our lives. By applying the following order, we too can take the next step towards God’s promises for our lives, just as the Israelites were learning how to follow God through the wilderness and into the promised land.


2:1-2 The Lord gave these further instructions to Moses and Aaron: “Each tribe will have its own tent area, with its flagpole and tribal banner; and at the center of these tribal compounds will be the Tabernacle.” (TLB)


In chapter one God wants every person to know who their leader is. Once the leader is known, then God asks for everyone to know his/her own pedigree. And this ordering finally ends with knowing their correct place in the march to the promised land through the wilderness.

If you want to reach that destination that God has planned for your life, apply the same formula. Know your leader; and may He be the Lord Jesus Christ, your Captain (Hebrews 2:10). And may your pedigree show that you are a child of God (John 1:12). Then follow Him. Stay in line and follow Him (Matthew 4:19), especially through the hard times and wilderness moments of life. 

If Jesus is your captain and you are a part of the family of God, your part is now to continue to follow Him through life’s journey. The destiny will be worth the trek.

Chaos in your life may indicate that something is missing or out of order with this formula in your life. If you need help in getting order back into your life and want someone to talk to, you are invited to contact us here at Reach Youth Global. Leave a comment or email us at: