In Order. Get Excited

November 28. Acts 18:19-19:41


As Paul’s missionary journeys continue in today’s chronological reading of the Scriptures two responses to the Word of God are illustrated. First of all, Apollos reacts with enthusiasm and zeal. He was taught the Scriptures and he was not ashamed to share the knowledge that he had. And he shared it with an enthusiastic spirit and with accuracy. He was excited about God’s Word and he was careful with God’s Word and how he conveyed it to others.


18:24 Meanwhile, a Jew named Apollos, an eloquent speaker who knew the Scriptures well, had arrived in Ephesus from Alexandria in Egypt. 25 He had been taught the way of the Lord, and he taught others about Jesus with an enthusiastic spirit and with accuracy. However, he knew only about John’s baptism. 26 When Priscilla and Aquila heard him preaching boldly in the synagogue, they took him aside and explained the way of God even more accurately.


Then you have the example of those who heard Paul teach and preach in the synagogue, they became stubborn to God’s message and rejected the truths of God’s Word. Instead of sharing it with others they turned others from these truths.


19:8 Then Paul went to the synagogue and preached boldly for the next three months, arguing persuasively about the Kingdom of God. But some became stubborn, rejecting his message and publicly speaking against the Way.


So when you hear the Word of God spoken, taught, preached, proclaimed, expounded what is your reaction? Do you gladly receive it and with enthusiasm and excitement look to share it with others? Or do you reject it as something for someone else, but not necessarily for you? Perhaps you would never say that you reject the truths of God’s Word, but if you remain silent with what you know, what is the message of the Way that you are spreading?

If God’s Word has changed your life, if recognizing the truth of Jesus Christ as your risen Savior has impacted your life, then do not be quiet. With an enthusiastic spirit, that reflects your new life in Christ and a hope and peace that this world cannot understand, share the Good News! Do not let you silence or lack of enthusiasm for the things of God proclaim any other message for those that still do not believe.  Be an ambassador today for God, His love, and His truths.