In Order. Deliberate Obedience

February 15, 2017. Leviticus 8-10.


The LORD again is speaking to His servant Moses, as He directs him in the functions as Israel’s priest. Aaron and his sons are consecrated (to be set apart) with a sacred purpose. God’s commands pertaining to the ordination as we previously read in Exodus 29, are now being fulfilled in Leviticus 8. The focus on Moses is now going to change, to Aaron and his sons. 

This procedure of ordination was to last 7 days (Leviticus 8:33). Each step had a symbolic meaning, from the details of the high priests clothing (Exodus 28) to the needed ritual of washing to be pure and clean in the presence of the Lord. The anointing of oil signified consecration to the Lord, as did the offering of sin, burnt, and peace offerings. This all was a picture of total obedience and willing service in the tabernacle. Leviticus 8:22 talks of the unique and exact placement of blood. On the right ear lobe-to hear and obey the Word of God, the right hand-to perform the service and commands of God, and the right toe-to walk in the ways of God. This would show the whole person and his garment to be dedicated fully to God. Aaron and his sons did all the things that the LORD had commanded by the hand of Moses (Leviticus 8:36). 

Now that the ordination process of atonement for Aaron and his sons had been completed, not just once; they had to be repeated, because sin is deep rooted in human nature. (Romans 5:12)

They were now purified and ready to atone the sins of all the people of Israel. All the offerings that would have to be made for the people are explained by Moses. (Leviticus 9:1-5) 

Wow…after all of this deliberate obedience to God…God had to reveal Himself to His people. (Leviticus 9:22-24) His “glory” cannot go unseen, the very heavens declare it!! (Psalm 19:1) A diligent walk of obedience to the Lord, sweetly allows those to behold the beauty of His glory with unholy eyes!

Now on a sadder note we read about the sin of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu. The very fire that we read about in (Leviticus 9:24) that came out from the LORD to show His glory, would now show His judgement, the death of two brothers. (Leviticus 10:2) God had not commanded the actions they offered. (Leviticus 10:1b) Such a tragedy could have been avoided, but instead left a father mourning the loss of his two sons. 

Up until this point, these two followers had been part of the spiritual legacy with their father and Moses. But as we see they needed “their” relationship to continue abiding with and for the truth of God! 

God gave warning to Moses and Aaron, to be regarded as holy by all who came near to Him. (Leviticus 10:3) We can come before a holy God just as we are, but we can’t come to Him in our own way, without deliberate obedience.

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