In Order. Cleaning Day

February 17, 2017. Leviticus 14-15.


Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, this shall be the law of the leper in the day of his cleansing. (Leviticus 14 1-2) Ahhhh…see the convicted unclean leper from chapter 13 hasn’t been forgotten. The priest was to be sent out of the camp, to first examine the healed leper. Remember anyone that had this disease was ostracized from the community, because leprosy was/is incurable! But notice that God in the law made provision for His perfect grace, to make a way for Him, to supernaturally heal! (Matthew 8:2) And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”

The cleansing of the leper we read about in verses 4-9 was for ceremonial purposes, not for healing. The one who was being cleansed was commanded to take two live clean birds, cedar, scarlet, and hyssop. One of the birds was killed in a vessel over running water, and the living bird, and other items were to be dipped in the blood of the dead bird. The person to be cleansed from leprosy was sprinkled seven times and declared clean. The living bird was set free into the open field-a symbolic picture of carrying away the uncleanliness of the leper. 

On day seven the cleansed had to wash his clothes, bathe and shave all the hairs off his head area. The second purification on day eight was the sin offering and burnt offering. The priest would place blood on the cleansed mans ear, thumb, and toe, the same was done to Aaron when he was sanctified toward the priesthood. (Leviticus 8:22-30) Being cleansed from leprosy/sin is the first step. By the blood of the lamb, it’s a new life that is consecrated to God, and committed to Him, with our lives and homes that have been cleaned.

Chapter 15 speaks of the laws concerning men and women that were following God, in the careful over all choosing of holiness and good health. By these laws they were taught their privilege and honor, that they were purified unto God. 

(Psalm 24 3-4a) Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?  Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart…

Without holiness no man can see the Lord. We need to look around and see what needs to be cleaned in our personal lives and our homes. With each new day given to us by the Lord. It’s just part of taking care of what we have on a daily basis, even though we don’t always want to, or like it. There can be such peace and calm that comes from a good cleaning day!

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