In Order. After A Death

Death is such an unpleasant topic. Death has touched almost everyone you know and perhaps your own life as well.  Some deaths are more tragic, horrific or impacting than others. Suicide death, death from cancer, death at childbirth, or death from old age; all death, but the impact is distinctly different.

Death has even been used as an argument against God or His existence. As we continue this incredible journey of reading through the Scriptures, these first four chapters in Joshua present a transition from the wilderness to the promised land and can help you to see God through the death.

The pivoting point is revealed in chapter one:


After the death of Moses, the Lord’s disciple, God spoke to Moses’ assistant, whose name was Joshua (the son of Nun), and said to him,

“Now that my disciple is dead, you are the new leader of Israel. Lead my people across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. I say to you what I said to Moses: ‘Wherever you go will be part of the land of Israel— No one will be able to oppose you as long as you live, for I will be with you just as I was with Moses; I will not abandon you or fail to help you.


“After the death”…; Death has a good side to it. With death comes the opportunity for change. For the person that dies obviously there is change. A faith in Jesus Christ and His completed work on the cross will mean that the change will be an eternity in Heaven.

But what about those left behind? Those who now have a huge void in their soul? What about the parentless child, the childless parent, or the lonely spouse, because of death? What next? Take heart in God’s words recorded here for a nation that had just lost their leader and champion;


“…I will be with you just as I was with Moses; I will not abandon you or fail to help you.”


After the death of whomever in your life, it is important that you look for God’s leadership in your life to guide you to the next step. He has prepared someone to help you. You cannot take that next step alone. The nation of Israel had a time of grieving for Moses, but then they had to trust God and take the next step. Let someone help you take the next step. In chapter 3 of today’s reading there is this statement;


3:4You have never before been where we are going now, so they will guide you.


Death puts you in a place that you have never been before, but rest assured that God has already prepared someone to help guide you where you have never been before and He wants to lead you into His promises.

Prayer: “God, please guide the reader of this blog, first of all the person(s) that You have prepared to help them take the next steps after a death that has touched them. And then dear God, guide their next steps so that they may experience all of Your wonderful promises. Amen.”