In Order. A Giant Problem

March 12, 2017. Deuteronomy 3-4.


The following verses, extracted from today’s chronological reading, help to direct this devotional thought. King Og was the last of the giants on the east side of the Jordan. (His bed was 13 1/2 feet long and 6 feet wide.) God used this battle to strengthen the heart of the people as they readied themselves to cross over into the promised land where they would be facing many an enemy and hostile forces. God’s words must have been a great comfort and source of strength for them when He said, do not be afraid of him. The wonderful thing about God is when He says something He backs it up with action! Verse 3 reveals that God indeed helped them fight against King Og and his people and the victory belonged to Israel.


3:1 …But the Lord told me not to be afraid of him.

3:3  So the Lord helped us fight against King Og and his people…


So the question is, what giant is remaining in your life that needs to be defeated? Do not be afraid to face it. God will help you fight it and bring you the victory. Please reflect on this truth as well, you do not have to fight that giant alone. Rueben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh received this land as their inheritance, but the entire nation of Israel helped them in defeating this giant king and his army. God has others who will help you fight your battles, do not go it alone.

The next selected verses help you to understand why God allows battles in your life. He wants His people to know that He is with them. He wants you to experience His power so that you can encourage the next generation, the next person, to confide in God as well. You are to tell others about His wonderful miracles in your life. That is why you can expect victories, for His name sake, if you will be faithful to tell others. The conflicts and battles of life will create the opportunities for you to see that there is no one else like God. And how can you be quiet when you come to that realization?


3:21  “Then I said to Joshua, ‘You have seen what the Lord your God has done to those two kings. You will do the same to all the kingdoms on the other side of the Jordan.”

3:28 Commission Joshua to replace you, and then encourage him, for he shall lead the people across to conquer the land you will see from the mountaintop.’

4:9  “But watch out! Be very careful never to forget what you have seen God doing for you. May his miracles have a deep and permanent effect upon your lives! Tell your children and your grandchildren about the glorious miracles he did.

4:35 He did these things so you would realize that Jehovah is God, and that there is no one else like him.


And in the end the greatest truth and reflection on the battles and giants in your life is this:


4:39 This is your wonderful thought for the day: Jehovah is God both in heaven and down here upon the earth; and there is no God other than him!


Keep fighting! Encourage someone else to keep fighting! God will help you, there is no one else like God!