Before & After YOU Gala Report

So what happened after YOU left this year's Reach Youth Global Gala, celebrating the difference that YOU can make in the life of another? First of all the heavens opened and a deluge descended! Volunteers scurried to tear down and pack up the wonderful displays and decorations of the evening that made for a powerful "Mission Experience".  Wet and whipped, might be an appropriate description of this crew of selfless souls. Our volunteers made this event possible with their donated time and commitment to the cause of Reach Youth Global.

Heaven opened its window of blessing during the evening's main event as well, and many of you were a part of that blessing miracle. One-time gifts, monthly commitments, and table sponsors for the evening resulted in nearly $75,000 being raised to be used for continued ministry around the world through Reach Youth Global.

Thank you for hearing the cries for help. Thank you for not only hearing those cries but for answering those cries with your prayers and support. Before YOU, the gala was an opportunity. After YOU the gala became the first step to transforming lives in 2017.