Hope After Harvey

HopeAfterHarveyMOV.mov After the state emergency, after the high-water rescues, after the news camera is pointed in a different direction, there will still be much work left to be done. Insurance companies cannot; and local, state and federal governments cannot, take the place of the human touch of compassion and care. The devastation from Harvey will be immeasurable as far as property and economic loss, but a greater impact is upon the soul of a human life touched by this epic storm. Healing and hope for individuals, families, and communities will need to continue to flow, as relentless as were the rains that created this catastrophe. That healing and hope will not come through a Facebook post or inspirational meme alone, it must be carried in the hands and hearts of people - you and me! Reach Youth Global is not the answer to this problem, but we can be an answer. We are committed to:

1) Receiving pleas for help (fill out the form here or message us on Facebook @ReachYouthGlobal)
2) Recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to answer as many pleas as we can (Volunteers please fill out the volunteer form)
3) Distributing your donations to the individuals and families that we are able to help.
4) Serving, for the long-term, this beat-up, traumatized community with hearts of love and compassion.

Where do we begin with such an overwhelming task?

1) Prayer. That has already been happening. Keep praying with us.
2) Immediate action. Many of those involved with and connected to Reach Youth Global have already been in the flood waters, and a part of the rescue story of friends and families affected.
3) Gathering resources – volunteers, finances and materials. 
4) Identifying needs and opportunities to connect with the volunteers, finances and materials.

We may not have all the answers, but we will continue to be led of God’s Spirit, and a heart to care. We have to start somewhere. We've started. Please help us to continue long after the waters have receded. Help us to see hope, hearts, and homes completely restored. No one can do it all, but all can do something.  We would count it a privilege to serve with you and make a difference together. There is Hope After Harvey – be a part of it!

To donate, use the "Donate" button at the top of the page and select "Hope After Harvey" in the drop down menu.